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Parent and Child Group Fitness Classes

These are fitness classes where you can bring your child or your family to workout with you 

No child care ?  its ok bring your child with you 


Group Sessions 40 minutes 

£8 adult /£3 children


Personal trainer  60 minutes 



Parent and Child Group Fitness Classes

Maintaining fitness can be difficult for young parents, especially in the absence of a babysitter. With our Parent and Child fitness classes, you can embark on your fitness journey along with your child. Our parent and child fitness groups are designed to help parents and young children gain strength and flexibility. Our adult and child fitness classes include cardio and full body workouts for parents and children. Contact us today!

Mother and Child Fitness Classes

Enjoy a bonding session with your little one today! At The Better You Fitness, we offer engaging and effective mother and child fitness classes specifically designed for pregnant and postpartum women. Our mother and child fitness sessions combine joint stability and core strength with low-impact exercises that focus on posture correction, muscle tone and strength. Our trainer has extensive experience working with new mothers and offers bespoke fitness plans to address their needs.

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Explore our family fitness sessions today! Our fitness classes are ideal for young parents looking to get back in shape while allowing them the opportunity to bond with their children. For further information, please contact us at 07960642309 or email us at